Top 5 Thousand Oaks Patios: 2017 Halloween Edition!

The amazing residents of Thousand Oaks really brought Halloween spirit with Ghastly Patio and Ghoulish Decorations! We had so many entries into our Halloween Patio Decorating contest it was almost impossible to find the most spine chilling, Spooktacular patio! After much deliberation, we selected 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and a tie for 4th place!


In our two-way tie for 4th, we had a nightmarish patio in Phase 4. With day time and night time photos submitted so we could see the full Halloween, this resident made sure to let everyone know that they were keeping Halloween alive! Riddled with hanging clowns and colored lighting effects, this “It” inspired patio will sure to leave you shook!

Our second 4th place winner was a resident who went above and beyond by decorating not only their patio, but also their front door! Guest and neighbors are greeted by a 3D effect of a ghostly “Old Hag” on their door and a spider that is sure to send you running for the hills. On the patio we had colored lights hanging all around next to some truly spooky figures. Congratulations to the both of you, you are each winners of a $25 Gift Card!

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3rd place was given to our Haunted Townhome. This spine-tingling submission had string lights all around with a trail of spiders leading to towards (or away from TBH) the front door where a fog machine and cobwebs left the air felling particularly frightful. To top it all off, there was some projector ghosts on the front of the home, sure to make all Trick or Treaters think twice before stopping there tonight. Congratulation, you have won a $50 Gift Card!

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Our 2nd place winner was a haunted ghostly graveyard. With ghosts hanging from the front trees and gauze cob webs from the top landing, all passersby are cautioned to stay away. At night, there are orange string lights surrounding the front door which says “Danger” in more ways than one. This Haunted Yard wins a $75 Gift Card!

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Our 1st place winner was a unanimous one in our books. They were so full of the Halloween spirit, their submission included a haunting poem, included for your Halloween enjoyment below.


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At Austin Ranch it is Halloween night,

The ghosts and goblins will give you a fright.

Decorations all around will give you a scare,

But one house makes the competition unfair.

Apt 129 has ghosts, ghouls, and trolls too,

We know you’re scared, boo.

All in all, the competition was fun,

Events like these make Austin ranch #1.

This patio left us truly haunted from the first sight with Grim Reaper Ghosts hanging all throughout the patio and cobwebs stretching throughout the landscaping. A window projection screams at onlookers and a tortured ghoul moans and groans hanging by the front door. This patio was truly terrifying. Congratulations! You have won our 1st place prize of a $100 Gift Card and bragging rights above all!

Thank you to all the participants in our Halloween Patio Decorating Contest. We have the most Spooktacular residents here at Thousand Oaks!


Written by Vianei Ponce

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