Uptown Yoga – Finding Your Center

Several months ago when I first moved to Thousand Oaks, I purchased a Groupon for Uptown Yoga for a full month and went all of 3 times. After receiving a few “We Miss You” emails from their membership retention team, I finally decided to take my #selflove a little more seriously and purchased a 1 month unlimited membership as an attempt to kick-start a healthier and more centered summer.

As someone who spent a little time on and off practicing yoga, I definitely had an idea from what to expect when I first walked into the studio. At Uptown Yoga, even my preconceptions were exceeded. Immediately upon walking in, you’re greeted with a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, from the soft voices to the smells of essential oils that float through the air. It’s a small reception area that feels clean and welcoming, where you can leave your material belongings in preparation of cleansing your mind.

As you first walk in and prepare for your practice, the warm room welcomes you. The energy changes as you realize you are about to treat yourself to 1 hour of personal reflection. Once the instructor walks in, their calming presence guides you through your practice reminding you to respect your body and boundaries. My favorite quote during the class is “If it hurts, don’t do it.” During the practice, it seems to be the only time during a busy day that I can completely unplug, focus on just myself and calming my mind, while getting a relaxing workout in. With different variations in each position, you don’t feel pressured by the instructors or those practicing around you to force something that does not come naturally to you. Instead, you are guided to gently push forward with each flow, focusing on the deep breath and the journey that you are taking with your body.

For a beginner or an outsider, beginning a yoga practice can be incredibly intimidating. At Uptown Yoga, any anxieties you face walking in are wiped away and you feel refreshed and prepared to conquer the day (or night, there are classes all day long!). My healthier and more centered summer is off to a great start and I definitely have Uptown Yoga to thank for it. Namaste, my friends!



Written by Vianei Ponce

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