Thousand Oaks Brew Fest 2016 (Photos Inside)

It had been a rainy, muggy week and the Thousand Oaks Brew Fest was up and coming. Would it go on? Would beer vendors and Rock & Brews still put on the event even though the forecast called for showers?

“Rain or shine, the beer will flow” was announced by Billy Whitacker, the Rock & Brew event representative.

Bring the beer and the people will follow. It also doesn’t hurt to bring a bunch of amazing food! One after another people began to venture out in a mix of rain-coats, umbrellas, swimming trunks and summer shades. The rain was more of a background distraction than the main concern. What really mattered here was the beer—this was the Thousand Oaks Brew Fest after-all.

With a brave photographer named David Venable, we strived to capture the fun, the brews and the jams. We saw The Benton Lawson Duo kick-off with covers of Jimi Hendrix and The Black Keys, which really got the party going. There were IPAs, lagers, pilsners and stouts—all represented as the best of their class. Each tent was ran by group of professionals who were more than happy to explain the beer, its complexity and its brewing process. They wrapped each beer in an awesome branded koozie and left the happy participant with a “see you soon”, knowing the beer was too good to not make a second stop.

But the most popular tent had to be Deep Eddy Vodka. If this was a family event of beer, we will call Deep Eddy the fun “cousin” who was visiting from out-of-state. Adorned in 1950’s era garb, she served drink after drink as the line wrapped around the pool. A trooper if there ever was one.

It has been hailed as the best event Thousand Oaks has put on. The CARES team tallied over 355 attendees and from our records, it’s the most attended event we’ve had. From Deep Ellum Brewery to 805, Blue Moon to Miller Lite, if you love beer this was the event you didn’t want to miss.


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