Play-Tri: The best customer service experience you’ll get!

Austin Ranch is known for its fit and health conscious residents. Look around on a nice sunny day and you’ll see people walking, running and riding their bikes! Play-Tri, also located in 4 other locations, called Austin Ranch their home because of the awesome location and the friendly residents.


Meeting the owner, Hamed, you can tell why customer service and educating the customer on everything possible has been the focal point at his stores. With a mechanical engineering background, his passion is making sure the cyclist gets fitted with the best bicycle that fits the cyclist’s body and movements. This is where his engineering experience comes in handy! You won’t get this anywhere else! He takes his time with each customer and learns about your goals and techniques. He may even have some pointers to give you as well!


All his staff are trained triathletes, who themselves compete and have won medals. You won’t get a pushy salesman there! Gerardo, the bike technician, has been with the company since the very beginning when it was in a garage 15 years ago. As a certified bike tech, you’ll have your bike in top-top shape!


Here are some fun facts about Hamed and his team:

  •  Hamed made it to 3 Olympic Trials
  •  All his employees are trainers
  •  He tests every piece of merchandise in his store
  •  They price match everything, but you’ll see they have the best prices around
  •  They coach swimming, running, cycling and weight management
  •  They have the largest assortment of bicycles than other stores
  •  They have been rated the best in Customer Service in the Nation

Play-Tri is a great source to get your fitness on track as well as getting help with just about anything fitness related! Our residents love having them at Austin Ranch!

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