Café Mila- A place for breakfast ALL DAY

On this edition of “getting to know your neighbors at Austin Square”, we head over to Café Mila, a popular café eats and coffee destination for the locals. What’s so popular about this café you ask? The delicious breakfast menu that you can get any time of the day! The cozy and intimate café also features a menu of hot specialty drinks with a variety of flavor options.


The cappuccino I ordered was made by KC, a cool and easy going barista who has been there since the inception of the café. Can I say it was the best drink I’ve had in a long time! I frequent the local Starbucks regularly but you can taste the quality of the ingredients as well as the care he put into making the drink! I was impressed.


KC also informed me that the flavored syrups used in all the specialty drinks are ALL NATURAL and made with PURE CANE SUGAR. Made by KC himself!! Let me tell you that you can really taste the difference. You’ve made me a fan KC!


When perusing the delicious menu, I decided to go with a popular and unique dish at Café Mila, the “Twisted Taters”. A party in my mouth. It featured seasoned potatoes with bacon, ham and jalapenos, topped off with two poached eggs.


Come on over the Café Mila and be sure to look out for their weekend specials. Don’t have what you want on the menu? They are so awesome they’ll work on making it for you! Look out for a vegetarian menu soon for our vegetarian friends.

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