Feb Events to Show You Our <3!


February may be the month of love birds and presidents, but at Thousand Oaks, we’re here to celebrate YOU! It’s resident appreciation month, and we can’t help but cheese out on the resident appreciation sayings:

Residents like you are the HEART of our community.

Love is like a KEY – it can unlock endless possibilities.

Roses are red, candy is sweet; you make living here such a treat!


Too much? We’ll try to tone it down…maybe a bit.  As we work on our resident poetry, here are a few events you can look forward to this month:


Thursday February 4th: Thousand Oaks Book Club

Nerd it out with other fellow book worms for our monthly Book Club! This month we’ll be discussing ‘MyCroft Holmes’ by Kareem Abdul Jabbar.


Saturday, February 13th: Chocolate Fest!

Roses are red, violets are blue….WE LOVE CHOCOLATE! Not the best poem but who can deny their love for rich, sweet, decadent chocolate! Celebrate the month of chocolate with a chocolate fountain and other sweet goodies. Our treat, because we ❤ you!


Friday, February 19th: Game Night

Join us for the most popular event of the month… Game Night! There’s tons of fun to be had with games with neighbors! Bring your favorite game and some friends. Snacks and drinks will be provided.


Thursday, February 25th: Lasagna Night

Not to get too gushy, but we really do LOVE our residents (did you read up above?!?) We want to show you just how much we appreciate you with a Lasagna Dinner and wine at the Spencer House. Grab some good eats with a big THANK YOU from our team and new property managers!  Because let’s face it.

We ❤ You. And wine.

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