Hello world!

Hey blogosphere – did you miss us? We’ve been busy doing things around our neighborhood, making sure our residents feel at home as much as possible. I hope you’ve noticed!

to ping pong

New hang out area by Margo Sawyer pool – home to the Ping Pong King tourney

If you’re the social media socialite that I think you are, you’ve also noticed us getting a little more involved, a little more responsive and having a lot more fun on Facebook and Twitter. We’re posting our events, photos of our cute pups, and inviting you to join us in our social expansion.

With that, we’ve also introduced to the world a new hashtag – #1000Adentures. Why 1000Adventures you ask? Great question! At THOUSAND Oaks, we have THOUSANDS of adventures for our residents every year – just a few numbers in this game, we’ve got:

  • 6 trails
  • 8 pools
  • 18 parks
  • 5 eateries
  • 4 event facilities
  • 15+ social events
  • 12 sculptures
  • 1700+ residents who create their own adventure every day in our community!

Here’s where it gets fun – we love our residents and want them to experience the adventures of living here, so we’re asking YOU to get ready. Starting this weekend, we will have random giveaways around the property. If we catch you doing what you do so well – being social! – we’ll give you something, just for liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter. So be on the lookout – at the pools, at resident events, wherever people are hanging out – and get ready to get some fun, wacky, adventurous prizes! Life is an adventure – and we’re so happy you’re here to share it with us. Here’s to creating your own #1000Adventures!

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